WWI & WWII sum

All those world armies gathered
Gathered in our region with state of the art weaponry scattered
For their big day of having us seasoned and then battered
Prepared for their staged event of depopulation
Making it more difficult for the reuniting of our one to be promised nation
Yet they have no clue what’s been planned by the ‘Al Mighty’ for our liberation.
For real now, are all those armies for those few thugs?
ISIS and the alike a Judeo Christian made bugs
Or for the destruction, domination of our territories and its resources
Securing Israhell’s expansion and sources
With of course more Muslim and Christian corpses
I see it all working for the sake of those evil Jewish morsels.
Americas, Europe & our region
On the way to destruction by those satan worshipers legion
To implement their agenda
For ruling the world with ease enslaving the masses to submit for surrender
Starvation would then be in trend to benefit the lender
And grow their wealth to Splendor
With having the world bow to the offender
Or to death put in a blender
Obey, is all they want us to practice with the upcoming vendor
Hard days coming upon us and nothing tender
WWI, WWII was the preparation for another pre the final arrival of the Messiah pretender.

The Jerusalemite


On the fall for the standing tall

Our babies, children and young are dying in tons
All over Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Burma.., will we move when it happens to our daughters & sons?
Or not even as we took the oath on the remaining seated drugged on our buns!
Our following generations to be
Are being erased before our eyes, that see
Or does it see what it likes only to spree
Sadly we have been so used to watching our own dying
That we have turned into zombies only in our heads flying
Flying towards the unnecessary to please the self and others still trying
Caring less for the ones being slaughtered and to death crying
Temptations and the worldly pleasures, are they the reason?
Or selfishness to be, a never ending season for humanity treason?
Our necks are on & in line
Our minds floating in river Rhine
And will only notice when its time
We feel physically their horrible crime.
The saddest of all
We are close to our fall
Yet at the end would stand happy & tall.

The Jerusalemite

Pressed to unrest

An evil power for sure is in control
Not seeing it could be that you’re in an, in denial role
Or hanging loose to be flipped around to roll
Supporting & acting as an indirect troll.
It is not realistic all that time it has been by coincidence
With events here and there happening by incidence
Targeting the same populace
Increasing others opulence
With the oppressed labelled as an oppressor
And victim in reality the devilish aggressor!
Seemingly a well steered and studied campaign is in flame
Supporting the justification of the ongoing slaughter, in game
Now via migration the trendiest media lane
With the masses confused not knowing whom to blame
So long as the masses blame others, for their shame
We will remain the same
Controlled & drugged to tame.

The Jerusalemite

Slaves in modern caves

They are not working on a ‘New World Order’
But on an ‘Ancient World Order’
Leading mankind to disorder
For a secularized godless society
With programmed slaves serving their dynasty
Obeying their laws silently
Fulfilling their rules piously
No room for rebelling if under their system
You’ll be crushed if they smelled on you this symptom
And to hunger a glisten
Many slaves helped indirectly and ignorantly with the enslavement of humanity
Through some of the corporate build up spirituality
Caging our soul and mentality
To a system of insanity

The Jerusalemite

Oppressing the Oppressed


How can we oppress Muslims further?

Let’s use the refugees in Europe as the new terrorizing political weather

To turn the Europeans sympathy to a bother.

We could slip our petro dollar jihadists

Among those innocent refugee twists.

Then Europe and its people would arise

So a clash of civilizations would rise.

To destroy Europe

Depopulate and control from top.

Top of the satanic pyramid

Working on the religion of truth be rid.

And pass our martial law

To strongly grip harsher with our poisonous claw.

More oppression to come on the European resident Muslims

So disconnect from the big cities to villages to save your arms & limbs.

Till the picture is clearer

Yet victory for us after the slaughter would draw nearer.

The Jerusalemite

Europe on the floor


Europe, Europe on its door

For declining to the floor

False flags will be your new fashionable core

The Jewish Zionist played you with their tricks

Flooded impostor refugees in your population mix

To terrorize your communities and destroy your bricks

Did you think with your support for Israel it would be returned to you as a favor?

Well now you have tasted once again what the Arabs have tasted from their stinking flavour

And I trust more would be on the way to destroy Europe to sacrifice for their saviour

After the expansion of Israel the world would still be difficult for its sole control

So the world must shrink so they fulfill their false biblical role

Through ISIS bombings and crash of civilisations, dropping you in their hole

You have been deceived

From the neck to the sleeve

Yet if you act right now your civilization could be retrieved.

The Jerusalemite

Muslims, Christians & Jews


Muslims, Christians & Jews

Need to wake up; it is quite enough with the creating of our blues

We need to reunite our status and the true paths choose.

So we flourish peace on earth as commanded by the Creator Almighty, to live with harmony

Free from zionisim and satanism’s armory.

They divided to conquer

Enslaved us all to a system and made us all a ‘honker’

Against each other while they are chilling in their golden factory, run by Shylocks the ‘Plunker’

Serving the Antichrist and pleasing him in his hidden bunker.

Paving the way for his arrival, to Jerusalem

Upon his existence in our time and dimension for the ruling, over them.

And not us, if united under the ruling & teachings of all the Prophets

Jesus Peace and Blessings upon him will return to diminishing their profits

We as well need to pave the way for the new worldly topics

And create a new system backed up with Gold & Silver with more intrinsic value

And disconnect from their fiat currency monetary system before they devalue

And enslave the world further with their poisonous claws, on me & you.

When we are from their grip financially free

Then it’ll be their suffocation spree

The Jerusalemite

Orthodox Christians alliance with Muslims, is that the time?

large_russian_bear_15239download (2)

The world freedom lovers are with Russia

Slurping honey of the bear virally, with no pressure

Steered via the social media as if this is some football games measure

Cheering for death, shouldn’t it be that what is left from humanity, kept a treasure?

So are they really after the petro dollar jihadists, depopulation or their resources; the key of leisure?

Did this same army not previously slaughter tons of Muslims and innocent Christians?

Or have the world been blinded by those hypnotizing mystical magicians?

Or are we that quick to taking sides, leaving neutral as ordered by the media controlled decisions?

I hope that the Russians did repent, and their war now is legit

And not the high above mentioned nor being the excuse for the world, to be lit

Paving the way for Pax Judaica’s rise, easing its physical control of the world and what would be left of it.

Regardless, the Holy Quran mentions an upcoming Muslim Alliance with Orthodox Christians, ‘Al Roum’

But I see neither true nor honest Muslims in that contracted coalition’s ‘political room’

But let’s see what will be up coming from this latest, boom.

The Jerusalemite

We lit the fire by our desire

12109082_10204084953318583_3893648873076104229_n (1)7d6abfef1baeb73e85d9ef8945b0eb94

I am here and you are there, you are here and I am there

Some are near and the rest don’t care

Business as usual and our region is on flare

For the establishment on the map, of the bordered smudged up shaped like square

The impostor kingdom of Dawoud/David blessings upon him

From the river Nile to the river Euphrates planned and forged in the Torah to make its followers dim

Following their talmudic and cabbalistic satanists undying stem

Branching out with their agenda under the account of the most arrogant & ignorant men

And it is business as usual and our region is on flare

Yet those newly carbon copied yankee arabs don’t care

Busy stashing worthless money via this fake monetary system that one day will evaporate in the air

Then we’ll be left out with no land, wealth and are slaves for their one eyed sun gods, flair

How cunning of him to have promised you the world and his smile is now replaced with his glare

And upon the time Jesus son of Mary blessings upon them descends to repair

Repair the world and humanity, the anti Christ followers will be in despair

Left miserable alone in the darkness, I trust you’ll find that fair!

For thinking we were kings

Yet in reality living fake springs

But how did we dare

Not follow the Al Mighty the Creators law, for their measly fare?

The Jerusalemite