European Union a Babylonian Reunion

eu-parliament-building-tower-of-babel-brueghelrs60356,1265674460,image002images (1)images (4)

The Babylonian Tower in an ancient stage

The EU building in modern age

European Union the Babylonian reunion

What could be the relation for them being on the same page?

Enslavement of humanity in a wider scaled cage

Can you see the same hearts?

In different clothing on their body parts

Losing their beards and clean shaven now

Have that Jewish Babylonian sacred Bull make some of us his cow?

Many have submitted and pleasantly to them bow

A tip to sit, sip, flip and dip to find out how!

The Jerusalemite


ISIS wiping out civilisations



ISIS and the destruction of historical sites

Luring the world for action against them mites

This is the main objective for them ‘superior’ whites.

While humanity still blaming Islam not recognizing the plights

Of its roots that flourished in broad day light

Whereas those handlers flying their agenda above us all, in kites

Watching in ease the destruction of Muslim & Christian historical rights

How come Jewish zionist Babylonian & Pharaohnic historical antiques

Are still constructed unharmed by them freaks?

They are deleting the previous civilisations

To keep there’s shining on top of the nations

Skipping the divine curse towards their earlier tribulations

The Jerusalemite

Are you, you?


I’ll either be named an intruder or a rebel for exposing this tip of which is hard to recognize.

For that to be, you need to step on your opposite side and take a deeper look into your capabilities and social size.

Pause, till you distinguish. Yes, it is time to extinguish…

When finding out that you are not you and accept change.

Then transformation itself will disconnect your soul from the illusion you were living in, and that is a change.

Introducing you to whom you really are.

Most significantly is searching for the authentic history of who was the star.

Realizing your tribe whom it was yesterday, to amend whom your tribe is today…

Enough being deluded and be free as the ‘freedom’ status you seek to be.

And not the freedom you were carbon copied to its decree.

Spirituality and free thinking and not materialism for the individual…

Why allow them to make you a branded sigil?

Your identity is your tongue of which has regretfully been erased

 And upon your choice, freely based

So where is the freedom of which you are on its path?

Isn’t the same lane which deleted your roots and past?

Are you recognizing the scheme of your delusion?

To end with my conclusion

 Now we are introduced to seclusion

And secularism as a solution

Secularism of which is pushing for only one fake religious agenda, you see the messed up fusion?

Living someone else’s life is a disturbing resolution

This is not modernity and being out of the closet

But simply in someone else’s tailor made closet

To remember who you are

You need to forget who they told you to be, by far

Real eyes


Real lies

The Jerusalemite



The tongue is a prisoner behind the teeth

If set free upon angers breeze

It’ll throw you in a jail of regret

      Under trial from the Conscience permit

If set free upon calmness and ease

It’ll bring in your energy to a comforting breeze

Use it

And do not abuse it

The Jerusalemite

Democracy = Hypocrisy


Today’s democracy

Is at its finest hypocrisy

Either you see the relation

Or is living as a currency facing deflation

Inexistence amongst a sheep’s nation

Today’s democracy

Is hypocrisy

Either you see the equation

Or is a digit in the fiat currency inflation

Today’s democracy

Is hypocrisy

Either you see the invasion

Or is with the deceived one eyed nation

Today’s hypocrisy

Is democracy

Neither situation

Is fruitful, after your realization

The Jerusalemite

Carbon Copy

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We were all brought to life, somehow each from a different ‘tribe’

Now we all have been reformed into ‘one’ looking & sounding like ‘tribe’

Moving on the same path evolving with a one way of thinking controlled by ‘one vibe’

A copy of their ‘superiority’

‘Carbon copied’ like sheep following, in today’s world of ‘humanity’

   The footsteps of the world handlers of this political ‘society’

We were created to know ‘one another & expand our ‘horizon’

Now knowing ‘one’ is enough identifying what is yet to be ‘risen’

If humanity proceeded through what today ‘lays in’

Where is the ‘individuality’?

Enough with the disgusting ‘similarity’

Made out of ‘artificiality’

‘Be yourself ‘

‘By’ yourself

‘Buy’ yourself

Books and biographies should vary to be on a library’s ‘shelf’

Unless you all want to be on one seat reading that one book written by ‘itself’…

The Jerusalemite

ISIS & what do you know about ISIS ???

images (1)images (2)images

Not by fluke and not that humanity has been deceived, not at all! It all happened by accident and a stroke of luck.

ISIS is the name for some Goddess of wealth & wisdom.

ISIS is short for the Israeli Secret Intelligence services.

ISIS is short for the Islamic State – bogus caliphate

ISIS is establishing an impostor caliphate slaughtering Christians & Muslims to empty the region as a process for the preparation of land in favor of the upcoming existence of pax judaica, the kingdom of israhell from the river Nile to the river Euphrates.

They started with our lovely Palestine and now the Arab world’s moment to follow just like pearls falling from a slashed necklace.

How else would israhell expand to its kingdom other than the conquering of the region? And would chaos not be needed or an enemy made for that reason of invasion? They waited for us Muslims & Arabs but apparently we were busy eating popcorn so they created a new Islamic petro dollar jihadist to get them to the point they desire of a new order and downgrade Islam. They are lucky that much of us were asleep.

ISIS the goddess happens to be the mother of Horus, the one eyed sun god in attendance on the international fiat currency of today’s era. A rich region & currency creates a Pharaoh like management of the world affairs of which is the Jews main objective and path of which they have followed since ancient times.

ISIS helping ISIS for the sake of ISIS, all by coincidence, what a twist of fate!!!!

This has to be with no doubt engineered by a Grand Master of Deception. They Plan their plans but Allah is the best of Planners.

The Jerusalemite

Did you know?

Did you know?

To add salt to injury, Judaism is a fake brand on their external clothing of which they work under..similar to ISIS and the Crusaders. Palestinians are Semites and those ziorats are the anti Semites. Yet they know how to deceive people for the sake of connecting themselves and their filthy roots to the Holy Land and not east Europe..And this Six Pointed Star has nothing to do with the Prophet Dawoud (David) peace and blessings upon him but the two triangles represent the intersection of the two worlds. Devils at their best.

The Jerusalemite


images (3)quote-all-war-is-based-on-deception-sun-tzu-188534.0egypt-knew-no-pharaohs-nor-israelites-new-cover-art-6-800x445

‘Ism’ the suffix seems to be made for zionism

                                                        If they only knew what is zionism.

Masters of deception and goebbelism.

The handlers of globalism.

Conquering the region physically on the account of a new Islamism.

Paving their path with blood and terrorism.

Moving now to Europe for reformation…

Via upcoming terror for the tumbling of their EU nation…

To ease control of the world from Jerusalem based on their kings affirmation…

Majority failed as minds were dimmed, eyes blinded via their pharaonic experimentation…

Still a hectic journey before our last destination…

Much mourning before the divine celebration..

The Jerusalemite