Oppressing the Oppressed


How can we oppress Muslims further?

Let’s use the refugees in Europe as the new terrorizing political weather

To turn the Europeans sympathy to a bother.

We could slip our petro dollar jihadists

Among those innocent refugee twists.

Then Europe and its people would arise

So a clash of civilizations would rise.

To destroy Europe

Depopulate and control from top.

Top of the satanic pyramid

Working on the religion of truth be rid.

And pass our martial law

To strongly grip harsher with our poisonous claw.

More oppression to come on the European resident Muslims

So disconnect from the big cities to villages to save your arms & limbs.

Till the picture is clearer

Yet victory for us after the slaughter would draw nearer.

The Jerusalemite


France O’ France


Something to ponder on

Watch out to tumble on

Carry with a thought of a humble on

Know whom to rumble on

The Jerusalemite

Europe on the floor


Europe, Europe on its door

For declining to the floor

False flags will be your new fashionable core

The Jewish Zionist played you with their tricks

Flooded impostor refugees in your population mix

To terrorize your communities and destroy your bricks

Did you think with your support for Israel it would be returned to you as a favor?

Well now you have tasted once again what the Arabs have tasted from their stinking flavour

And I trust more would be on the way to destroy Europe to sacrifice for their saviour

After the expansion of Israel the world would still be difficult for its sole control

So the world must shrink so they fulfill their false biblical role

Through ISIS bombings and crash of civilisations, dropping you in their hole

You have been deceived

From the neck to the sleeve

Yet if you act right now your civilization could be retrieved.

The Jerusalemite