Problem = Solution


Moral of the story

The mysterious Judeo Christian alliance are rushing for glory

With all their staged terrorist activities & false flags

They think they can defame Islam with all their sheeple’s brags

It is effective in some way

But your Goebellisim lies are starting to go astray

And your media corporations around the world are little overdoing it with their play

Yet kudos for the dramatic background music in sway

I almost dropped a tear and questioned Islam, Yea; God forbid this day!

So imagine an ignorant, learning Islam on a coach served by a colored box ex white & gray.

A perfect parrot develops and creates his own methodological airway

Flying their words spreading crap thinking with knowledge they weigh

Shame on the ignoramus populace falling as prey

More staged events on their agenda

To reaching an objective of turning the world from up to under

And their goes further the civilizations rumble

Till obey and submission to them drops from fumble.

The Jerusalemite


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America on a sledge

America, America on its edge…
To sliding down on a sledge..
Shylock waiting with a wedge
To pick you up from slavery & finish with your pledge
It is time for transfer of power, hand him the dredge
Your time is up, ‘Oh’ thanks for the financial hedge
And for covering up with a fledge
Now you can go back to being sedge.
The Jerusalemite

Trump the lump

End of year 2015 joke, the Trump
A clown made to be a chump
Blabbing crap before our eyes making the world plump
Throwing junk on us as if we are a dump
Go find yourself a poor camelops to hump
Take your frustration out on her if you could pump
I am not sure in this day & age you’ll gather a good clump
So step down from the stump
And be yourself the familiar lump
Go down south cut the advice’s acknowledged by your rump
And visit a psychologist for your grump
Clean your reputation from being a frump
Work hard on getting yourself out of this slump
Take care of your family apologize for giving them crump
They must still be dizzy from your thump
Now up on your feet from the sump
Find a producer and sing along with the tunes of a trump.
The Jerusalemite