Pressed to unrest

An evil power for sure is in control
Not seeing it could be that you’re in an, in denial role
Or hanging loose to be flipped around to roll
Supporting & acting as an indirect troll.
It is not realistic all that time it has been by coincidence
With events here and there happening by incidence
Targeting the same populace
Increasing others opulence
With the oppressed labelled as an oppressor
And victim in reality the devilish aggressor!
Seemingly a well steered and studied campaign is in flame
Supporting the justification of the ongoing slaughter, in game
Now via migration the trendiest media lane
With the masses confused not knowing whom to blame
So long as the masses blame others, for their shame
We will remain the same
Controlled & drugged to tame.

The Jerusalemite


Trump the lump

End of year 2015 joke, the Trump
A clown made to be a chump
Blabbing crap before our eyes making the world plump
Throwing junk on us as if we are a dump
Go find yourself a poor camelops to hump
Take your frustration out on her if you could pump
I am not sure in this day & age you’ll gather a good clump
So step down from the stump
And be yourself the familiar lump
Go down south cut the advice’s acknowledged by your rump
And visit a psychologist for your grump
Clean your reputation from being a frump
Work hard on getting yourself out of this slump
Take care of your family apologize for giving them crump
They must still be dizzy from your thump
Now up on your feet from the sump
Find a producer and sing along with the tunes of a trump.
The Jerusalemite

Oppressing the Oppressed


How can we oppress Muslims further?

Let’s use the refugees in Europe as the new terrorizing political weather

To turn the Europeans sympathy to a bother.

We could slip our petro dollar jihadists

Among those innocent refugee twists.

Then Europe and its people would arise

So a clash of civilizations would rise.

To destroy Europe

Depopulate and control from top.

Top of the satanic pyramid

Working on the religion of truth be rid.

And pass our martial law

To strongly grip harsher with our poisonous claw.

More oppression to come on the European resident Muslims

So disconnect from the big cities to villages to save your arms & limbs.

Till the picture is clearer

Yet victory for us after the slaughter would draw nearer.

The Jerusalemite