Command & Order for DISORDER

RT - Home - Internet Explorer 472017 71040 PM

Sure he is there & he is looking upwards challenging sarcastically ..

RT - Home - Internet Explorer 472017 70400 PM

Bowing down and blessing what is to happen



RT - Home - Internet Explorer 472017 65926 PM

Devils back to audience disgraced from Humanity


Watch it yourself

Either jump out or stay on your shelf

But that TRUMP was too obvious on his tunes

Shortly before striking his missiles causing much fumes

He had exchanged blessings via TV with the master of dooms

They praised & confirmed their virtual attendance both in their rooms

One leaning up in the sky & the other down with a bow below

Post that he struck and did his blow

Feeding both sides to kill more to earn the star that glow

Glow to an extent of going up a higher degree

From all that killings spree

Too obvious for the one that has eyes

For such a scene to pass by with byes

Not a coincidence

As the PRESIDENTS ‘PR ‘will not set up without studying its incidence

A new indirect way of branding

Subliminally targeting with the surrounding

Not bad yet very sad

Good to see his ongoing prompted recurrence

Merely us too preparing for his occurrence

A One Eyed figure to us

NOW & THEN thus!

The Jerusalemite




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