Sunk from Junk


We are too sunk

Sunk as people, in our own junk

Deep in steeple with a mode, of funk

Recognizing nothing happening around us but till stomped

Widespread, banged, ganged from a skunk

Economically being felt in the trunk

With the sounding like a Trump; taking the scene back to a bunk

Do you recognize the dunk?

We have placed ourselves in a shape shifting bubble

Carrying our thoughts & bodies only seeing one’s self as double

Selfishness, Materialism & Goebbellisim in one cuddle

Results of yesterday in today’s platform, building foundations for a futuristic muddle

We have connected our throats

To their fictitious monetary system used daily & quote

Daily quote! And mention its bloat

Yet a zombie status our fashionable coat

Put on, spaced out and busy with the little gloat

While being daily robbed, do take note.

We should have mercy on our own self to prosper & peacefully float.

The Jerusalemite


A Problem.

The problem

Is in the problem

And its trouble

Is in the trouble

So its difficulty

Is in the difficulty

And this is a dilemma

With it being in the dilemma

For that

It’s best to setback

Hoping it would reset back

What a predicament

Mixed within the predicament

A hitch

But nonetheless humans have the ability to switch

Easy without an itch

Simply ditch

The roots of the problem of which

Made your thought poor instead of rich

And cultivate it by inch.

The Jerusalemite