Problem = Solution


Moral of the story

The mysterious Judeo Christian alliance are rushing for glory

With all their staged terrorist activities & false flags

They think they can defame Islam with all their sheeple’s brags

It is effective in some way

But your Goebellisim lies are starting to go astray

And your media corporations around the world are little overdoing it with their play

Yet kudos for the dramatic background music in sway

I almost dropped a tear and questioned Islam, Yea; God forbid this day!

So imagine an ignorant, learning Islam on a coach served by a colored box ex white & gray.

A perfect parrot develops and creates his own methodological airway

Flying their words spreading crap thinking with knowledge they weigh

Shame on the ignoramus populace falling as prey

More staged events on their agenda

To reaching an objective of turning the world from up to under

And their goes further the civilizations rumble

Till obey and submission to them drops from fumble.

The Jerusalemite


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Jewish Hypocrisy

Jewish hypocrisy

A mental issue seemingly or a theocracy!

Jews living on our land living off our resources and enjoying its geography

Yet them carrying on acting as if they’re some aristocracy

While they’re nothing more of an impostor of meritocracy

Building up for their impostor autocracy

When starving for an ethnocracy…

You should thank the Muslims

Where would you’ve been if it was not for them Muslims?

Measure since your birth to ours, and I trust you’d stop with the problems.

You did nothing for humanity in between

Invented nothing but corrupted your gene

Cursed by The Creator to apes & pigs a sign so you’d lean

But you carried on with the murdering and being mean.

You keep bragging about your 3,500 years existence

Yet we saw nothing from you since then till the Muslims exposed their brilliance.

With the Inventing of Hospitals, Medicine, Algebra and many more to tooth brushes

And the entire world saw nothing from you since your appearance but mischief and ashes.

So thank the Muslims

And do not deny favours of a people putting knowledge and fat on your once a time slims.

We freed you from slavery

So cut down with your stinking savoury

Thank them

If it wasn’t for them you’d have no coffee, laptops and most that you enjoy, but still in dim.

Yet you’ve denied The Glorious and Most Knowing favours

So we expect nothing less from your sour flavours.

This is hypocrisy

And not some Palestinian visiting a Jew or an impostor Jewish Doctor modestly.

Not a big deal.

In comparison to your deceptive seal.

The Jerusalemite

Jerusalem in Glorious Quran & Qumran.

What is it with you and denial?
Some facts you can’t pass by through your dark aisle.
Pretending people are asleep and you awake in a mile
Setting aside the sheep triggered from your dial
Cut down on whatever is in that vile.
Today’s Jerusalem/ Al ‘Quds’, is in the Glorious Quran mentioned
We care less though, and to hell if unacknowledged or contentioned!
Jerusalem, is only a name
Added by your Rabbis to flame
Flame a fire by your ignoramus evil shame.
Prophet Moosa PBUH aka Moses mentioned the name
’ Holy’ it is and not Jerusalem, check the Tanakh scriptures
Accordingly amend its mention in all your lectures?
And enough exposing it falsely in your meme pictures
You are only insulting your own intelligence
And increasing exposure of your enemy’s intelligence!
You can’t be more limited and simple
Invading a land and killing its indigenous people dressed in a vimple
And acting as if you know it all looking like ape clowns, in your inkle
Enough with your not factual childish mingle
And for once dance on a proper jingle.

Reference of Al Aqsa and Al Quds in the Quran:-

By name, Jerusalem and we mean the English word ‘Jerusalem’ was never mentioned once in the Glorious Quran, big deal and it should have not been anyways as the Glorious Quran is in Arabic. Instead, Jerusalem is referred to as “Al-Aqsa” meaning “the farthest” or “remote”. It is referenced in Sura 17 (Al-Is’ra/ The Night Journey) describing Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH night journey Al-Is’ra:

“Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night Journey from the Sacred Mosque (Makka) to the remote/farthest mosque (Masjid Al Aqsa) of which We have blessed the precincts, so that We may show to him some of Our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” Sura 17(Al-Is’ra/The Night Journey).

So Jerusalem was mentioned and Al Aqsa mosque in the Glorious Quran as Quds (Holy) and the farthest mosque, so what is all your fuss about?

‘’Verily this Qur´an doth explain to the Children of Israel most of the matters in which they disagree.’’(Quran Al Naml- The Ants 27: 76)

Did you know?

Jerusalem for your information was not the name of the city during the supposedly Jewish times! Its name was clearly Quds (Holy) according to the Farewell speech of Moses PBUH when he commanded them to take over that city and call it Holy, meaning Quds.

Prophet Moses PBUH ordered them to name the city (THE HOLY) meaning (AL-Quds) aka Jerusalem today. So, Al Quds was the name even before Islam. This leaves you to ask yourself why the Christians would call it Quds too.

Before you go off your seat and defend satan with what you think you know read the Tanakh (The Holy scriptures of MOSES PBUH) which states that the city name should be changed to ‘The Holy’ and (go to end of Deuteronomy) after the blessing of tribes and the designation of 3 cities for refuge and then READ.

How do you feel now? A. Taken advantage of B.A Brainwashed programmed victim? C. Both?

For further understanding with it being a little off subject however still is related ‘The Israelites, The Children of Israel’ are not the ‘Jews’. The Jews are not the Children of Israel or the Israelites but are a part of the Children of Israel and Christians back then were as well a part of the Children of Israel. Just like when Iesa/Jesus peace and blessings upon him was sent to the Children of Israel and not the Jews.

Clearly, Prophet Iesa(Jesus) peace and blessings upon him invited and called upon them.

‘’And (remember) when ‘Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), said: “O Children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allah unto you confirming the Taurat [(Torah) which came before me…..” Glorious Quran As- Saff/ Those Ranged in Ranks 61:6

Another declaration of the Holy temple in Jerusalem was mentioned in the Quran many times as ( Masjid Aqsa=the distant, remote or the farthest temple) also the location of land was mentioned as the (Qiblah) meaning the direction for Muslims during prayers before Makka, and mentioned many other times as the blessed ground, and many more verses were revealed in response to the topic of that temple, even yet more than that other verses explained by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH with reference to that temple.
Al Quds-Jerusalem was blessed too explicitly in the Glorious Quran as the blessed land around the temple-Mosque- Masjid (also extending to mean all the Holy land, Palestine).

Dead Sea Scrolls (Qumran):

The scholars translating the Holy scriptures found in the Qumran (the dead sea scrolls) an interesting discovery: where ever the word Israel is in the Masoretic Scrolls (i.e the corrupted Bible currently within your hands) there was a different word (with just little changes in the letters such as extension of a letter or cutting a piece of it) this was found several times (especially in the prophecies of the Prophets such as Esiah, Habakuk, etc).

Five books of Moses PBUH – Tanakh:

Jerusalem (Urshalaim, Ursalem) is an abomination word that should not have been in the bible as it is definitely not found in the Tanakh, the five books of Moses PBUH, even though Prophet Ibrahim PBUH aka Abraham lived in the city during Al Malik Sadek the king of the city who was himself a believer and had a temple for God before even before Prophet Abraham PBUH was even born so please cut down on your lies and deceits as they are exposed and people are not that blind nor have peanuts in their heads.


To recap, read the last chapter in Deuteronomy, after Moosa PBUH aka Moses commands them to assign three cities for refuge! Jerusalem is an abomination name for the city, and the Jews added that name where ever it came in the bible as their usual practices in being masters of deception and falsification. They also changed the word ‘people of light to Israel’ by playing with the words or did they not? This is evident from the Dead sea scrolls!! People of knowledge or people of light must definitely have referred to the Muslims.

To conclude, yes it is in the Glorious Quran the mention of Al Aqsa Holy Mosque in Quds aka Jerusalem and not once but many times, ‘‘the land we blessed around it” is a reference to Al Aqsa Mosque. So isn’t that Jerusalem? Yes it is as per the Islamic scriptures, Prophetic Hadith and teachings.

I suggest you research to find out what the Jews have further done with many other scriptures and deceptive teachings all to suit their evil anti Christ agenda.

As much as they try their best to confirm that they belong in the Holy Land, Filisteen-Palestine, they will bore fruitless.

‘’Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah’’. Glorious Quran L-Anfāl (The Spoils of War)8:30

The Jerusalemite

Self on shelf? Others who bothers?

A very eccentric world we live in
With an outlandish time set within
Having unusual behaviours longing to sin
With attitudes belonging to the bin
Due to their actions of skinning the skin
And achievements of a losing or a win
For the comfort of self caring less when din
When it should’ve been what you like for self to as well wish for your twin.
In humanity that is, and not taking them for a spin.
As we all mostly eat bread..
And we all bleed red..
And one day we all are underground dead..
With our loved ones moving in dread..
Now with that said.
Have we not anything in common?
If not, at least we all are born from a woman.

The Jerusalemite


How I wish a woman..
Stays a woman..
For living the pleasures of a woman..
Femininity nowadays is gone from silk to woollen..
And the spices of life with her from cinnamon to cumin..
Equality is thoughtful only if it was for the better of women..
But not likely in this society of carrots & lemon..
Deceiving the women to summon..
Equality means the same..
Not a different player in an unfair game..
With one losing and the other regain..
While we should’ve been complementing each other for less pain..
And not being identical when running on the same lane..
We are a dress for them..
And they a dress for us, or how else would we stem?
They deserve more than that as they are to us, a gem..
Thank God, for your woman
If it happens to be you see her, as you come in..

The Jerusalemite


Our Teacher is our Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him..
The blessed man that taught us how to bring light to avoid life being dim..
The ones present today on the global battlefield..
Are not from the Prophets school to say the least…
It is a strict Judaeo Christian Propaganda to degrade a peaceful religion..
And help with their agenda for establishing their satanic kingdom in our region..

The Jerusalemite

Palestine & the Load..

Best part we grow to something big
From a spit, thick water, sperm a liquidity twig
Then some oppress, have no mercy and become a prig
Thinking the load they’re made from is from a better rig
Not knowing our objective on earth to solely know one another
Live in harmony, respecting ones property and not bother
Or kill others children; rape their land and target every ones mother
Imprison the parent’s & sibling’s with depression when locking up their brother
You’re a load
A lucky one to have survived and then the story foretold
And not flushed down the toilet after you flew out bold
Your superiority is as superior as a fully loaded load garbage mold
So get down to earth before the heavens to the hell fire have you sold
Palestine would be free, if not now but when many of us get old
From river to sea, we will get to enjoy its hot & cold.

The Jerusalemite

Jewish Army

A mess in itself
A bunch of children murderers
Occupiers and perjurers
An Idiotic diapers farce
And a terrorist on course
All have been blown
By Rabbis Metzitzah ritual moaning,moan
And all to pieces one day would be blown.

In the garbage of history those people should be thrown
Rats and snakes they are and nothing more known
They are fully equipped militarily by day
And as women dressed at night fully gay
Gay as in happy when on their stomachs they lay

Wake up Princessa and watch out for the sun ray
Behind it a Palestinian Lion standing In your way
To crush you and defend his homeland from your slyness fray
Defenseless with only his balls of steel
Verses your state of the art weaponry and gear
And your most loved pose, with your bum out on kneel!
‘Look behind’ this is your most descriptive seal.

The Jerusalemite

WWI & WWII sum

All those world armies gathered
Gathered in our region with state of the art weaponry scattered
For their big day of having us seasoned and then battered
Prepared for their staged event of depopulation
Making it more difficult for the reuniting of our one to be promised nation
Yet they have no clue what’s been planned by the ‘Al Mighty’ for our liberation.
For real now, are all those armies for those few thugs?
ISIS and the alike a Judeo Christian made bugs
Or for the destruction, domination of our territories and its resources
Securing Israhell’s expansion and sources
With of course more Muslim and Christian corpses
I see it all working for the sake of those evil Jewish morsels.
Americas, Europe & our region
On the way to destruction by those satan worshipers legion
To implement their agenda
For ruling the world with ease enslaving the masses to submit for surrender
Starvation would then be in trend to benefit the lender
And grow their wealth to Splendor
With having the world bow to the offender
Or to death put in a blender
Obey, is all they want us to practice with the upcoming vendor
Hard days coming upon us and nothing tender
WWI, WWII was the preparation for another pre the final arrival of the Messiah pretender.

The Jerusalemite

Pressed to unrest

An evil power for sure is in control
Not seeing it could be that you’re in an, in denial role
Or hanging loose to be flipped around to roll
Supporting & acting as an indirect troll.
It is not realistic all that time it has been by coincidence
With events here and there happening by incidence
Targeting the same populace
Increasing others opulence
With the oppressed labelled as an oppressor
And victim in reality the devilish aggressor!
Seemingly a well steered and studied campaign is in flame
Supporting the justification of the ongoing slaughter, in game
Now via migration the trendiest media lane
With the masses confused not knowing whom to blame
So long as the masses blame others, for their shame
We will remain the same
Controlled & drugged to tame.

The Jerusalemite