Jewish Army

A mess in itself
A bunch of children murderers
Occupiers and perjurers
An Idiotic diapers farce
And a terrorist on course
All have been blown
By Rabbis Metzitzah ritual moaning,moan
And all to pieces one day would be blown.

In the garbage of history those people should be thrown
Rats and snakes they are and nothing more known
They are fully equipped militarily by day
And as women dressed at night fully gay
Gay as in happy when on their stomachs they lay

Wake up Princessa and watch out for the sun ray
Behind it a Palestinian Lion standing In your way
To crush you and defend his homeland from your slyness fray
Defenseless with only his balls of steel
Verses your state of the art weaponry and gear
And your most loved pose, with your bum out on kneel!
‘Look behind’ this is your most descriptive seal.

The Jerusalemite



  1. Faigy s · May 24, 2016

    So easily photoshopped! Soldiers holding anything in the world from a sack of sand to a gun to an alumka, a stretcher is replaced with a muslim kid. Ta-da! Bad bad murdering israelis. Look up the laws u dumbass! Any israeli soldier who would do that would get 7 years in military prison. That little kid is not worth anyones 7 years
    Stop believing every picture you see. I can photoshop a picture of wings onto my body it doesnt mean shittttt.


    • Deceptionless · May 24, 2016

      I am Palestinian and I know..You could research further if you wish or if you prefer I provide you with more it would be a true delight…I used a very subtle one and not it being very aggressive respecting the viewers. I suggest you stop believing that the oppressors are the oppressed.


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