Orthodox Christians alliance with Muslims, is that the time?

large_russian_bear_15239download (2)

The world freedom lovers are with Russia

Slurping honey of the bear virally, with no pressure

Steered via the social media as if this is some football games measure

Cheering for death, shouldn’t it be that what is left from humanity, kept a treasure?

So are they really after the petro dollar jihadists, depopulation or their resources; the key of leisure?

Did this same army not previously slaughter tons of Muslims and innocent Christians?

Or have the world been blinded by those hypnotizing mystical magicians?

Or are we that quick to taking sides, leaving neutral as ordered by the media controlled decisions?

I hope that the Russians did repent, and their war now is legit

And not the high above mentioned nor being the excuse for the world, to be lit

Paving the way for Pax Judaica’s rise, easing its physical control of the world and what would be left of it.

Regardless, the Holy Quran mentions an upcoming Muslim Alliance with Orthodox Christians, ‘Al Roum’

But I see neither true nor honest Muslims in that contracted coalition’s ‘political room’

But let’s see what will be up coming from this latest, boom.

The Jerusalemite


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