Wrath Shields against us

Where did these banks come from? The origin of paper money as a promissory note was based upon a deposit. In the beginning paper money was a receipt which represented a certain amount of either gold or silver, that was placed with a goldsmith for safekeeping. At that time paper money was not legal tender – enforced as money by the law of the land – but represen…ted a contract for a deposit of gold or silver.
Once a person had deposited the gold or silver with the goldsmith, a receipt is issued by the goldsmith, stating that the gold was held by him; the note represented proof of the deposit. Later what started to happen was that if a person wanted to buy something, instead of going to the goldsmith and getting the gold or silver, they began using the receipts to buy directly which is non-possession. So people started using the receipt because it was easier than going to the goldsmith and by using the receipts as money they began to practice Riba an-Nasiah today interest and usury. Also what then started to happen was that the merchants who received the receipts decided to pay suppliers with the same receipts, against non-possession. As a result of this the receipts effectively started circulating as money but with limitation.
As this was going on the goldsmith realized that though many people could exchange the receipts for the gold and silver deposited with him, not everyone did this at the same time. So the goldsmith started lending receipts for a certain period of time and in the expectation that no one would notice. So the goldsmith started creating money out of nothing which is fraud. Having gotten away with this they then also began lending it at interest and added Riba al-Fadl – Interest described as It basically means that one party demands an extra increase to the value of the goods received by the other party. So if a person loans you ten silver coins then you must repay ten equivalent silver coins; nothing more and nothing less..to their Riba an-Nasiah – Interest described as when money is represented by non-possession but is treated as something you possess, and is used as a means of payment. So in effect you are using something that is not there and treating it as something that is there..
As a result of this banking started. Banks began to appear everywhere, some got bigger and the ones who got too greedy in issuing receipts collapsed. As this continued eventually a new concept of a national bank was created. The first one was The Bank of England which was formed in 1694, and it would be the bank of the banks. The creator William Paterson explained it in this way: “the bank will benefit from the interest of the money that it creates out of nothing”. The connection between the bank and the creation of paper money as money is vital. One cannot be done without the other.
At this moment the currencies you take as any note from anywhere if you go into any bank and try to exchange your notes for gold they might think you are an oregano addict. See what happens! Nothing is going to happen. Even worse is the plastic card, it does not state anything on it at all! It just represents numbers on a computer screen. We possess nothing absolutely nothing it is a big fraud, based on no intrinsic value and purely a fiat currency circulating like a fish in the water and that is funny…


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