Jesus son of Mary

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Prophet Jesus son of Mary peace and blessings upon both of them

His name cited in the Holy Quran ’25 times’ so appreciate what’s written & don’t condemn

Christmas the December eve celebration is a festivity not for Jesus but for the one eyed sun god

The son of ISIS, Horus and no one odd

As his symbolisms present all over and not only in broad

So definitely you can relate to the impostor of Jesus and inspirational engineer of the largest fraud

Could he be the Anti Christ since the Pharaoh Civilization?

Or just an encouraged, imagination

Fed by the ‘Jinn’ among that ancient tyrannical nation?

Ongoing till date, however the situation

Is that the Gospel & Holy Quran indicate Jesus’s birth

And it was not in winter but during warmer weather on earth

Did the Gospel not state the shepherds announced his arrival?

And in the Quran Mary PBUH picked dates to feed him to maintain his survival

In winter surely shepherds & dates are idle and not in revival

Give it a thought on a sunny ‘Sun day’

Your break day and the Sun God blessed ‘Sunday’

Muslims too has been deceived and fooled

Praying dawn since 106 or so years when dark still present before your very eyes, dusk boldly ruled.

His system is in place yet a matter of time for the Master of deception to physically exist

In our time and dimension, can’t you see? Then blame it on the mist.

The Jerusalemite


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