Mass Slaves Robbery



The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

Played and robbed the masses not at a point, gunned

Still with pleasure us adding on to their wealth

Paying it through our earnings and retreating health

And they are still passing us by swiftly as stealth

We think our savings in their monetary system are increasing, yet it’s the opposite

It’s purely fiat money with no intrinsic value of which we are still on hold to, instead of the deposit

Depositing it to history

Mind you how the world got tricked is not a mystery

Simple Anti Christ deception techniques and protohistory

Once upon a time it was backed up by supposedly ‘Gold’

Thanks to Charles De Gaul that made reality of things unfold

The crash is still being engineered for the new monetary power transfer

Uncle Sam has been for some time in the ICU on hold for Pax Judaica and its new chapter.

The Jerusalemite


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