Todays Anti Semites

An Anti Semite

An Anti Semite

A Semite

A Semite

This day and age and some of its people
Duplicating an ‘unknown term’ created to deceive and convert us from people to sheeple.
Repeating their lies to indirectly relate its ‘deceptive owners’ to the holy land making them legal
This is the art of deception, to ignorance it made much of us equal.
‘Anti Semite’
We, the Palestinians and Cannanites are Semites
And not them filthy Jews and Crypto Jew mites
They crawled out from the Arabian deserts, Ashkenazi & Khazarian tribes
From east Europe mostly are, yet good with their fake transcribes
All main Messengers & Prophets are not from the children of Israel
Those rats are just Pharaohnic Satanists and nothing more real

The Jerusalemite


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