Are you, you?


I’ll either be named an intruder or a rebel for exposing this tip of which is hard to recognize.

For that to be, you need to step on your opposite side and take a deeper look into your capabilities and social size.

Pause, till you distinguish. Yes, it is time to extinguish…

When finding out that you are not you and accept change.

Then transformation itself will disconnect your soul from the illusion you were living in, and that is a change.

Introducing you to whom you really are.

Most significantly is searching for the authentic history of who was the star.

Realizing your tribe whom it was yesterday, to amend whom your tribe is today…

Enough being deluded and be free as the ‘freedom’ status you seek to be.

And not the freedom you were carbon copied to its decree.

Spirituality and free thinking and not materialism for the individual…

Why allow them to make you a branded sigil?

Your identity is your tongue of which has regretfully been erased

 And upon your choice, freely based

So where is the freedom of which you are on its path?

Isn’t the same lane which deleted your roots and past?

Are you recognizing the scheme of your delusion?

To end with my conclusion

 Now we are introduced to seclusion

And secularism as a solution

Secularism of which is pushing for only one fake religious agenda, you see the messed up fusion?

Living someone else’s life is a disturbing resolution

This is not modernity and being out of the closet

But simply in someone else’s tailor made closet

To remember who you are

You need to forget who they told you to be, by far

Real eyes


Real lies

The Jerusalemite


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