Carbon Copy

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We were all brought to life, somehow each from a different ‘tribe’

Now we all have been reformed into ‘one’ looking & sounding like ‘tribe’

Moving on the same path evolving with a one way of thinking controlled by ‘one vibe’

A copy of their ‘superiority’

‘Carbon copied’ like sheep following, in today’s world of ‘humanity’

   The footsteps of the world handlers of this political ‘society’

We were created to know ‘one another & expand our ‘horizon’

Now knowing ‘one’ is enough identifying what is yet to be ‘risen’

If humanity proceeded through what today ‘lays in’

Where is the ‘individuality’?

Enough with the disgusting ‘similarity’

Made out of ‘artificiality’

‘Be yourself ‘

‘By’ yourself

‘Buy’ yourself

Books and biographies should vary to be on a library’s ‘shelf’

Unless you all want to be on one seat reading that one book written by ‘itself’…

The Jerusalemite


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