Sadly, it is way too much and obvious that Palestine is on its own

Day by day more of Palestine and now the region is getting occupied and to pieces blown.

Blown away for the reconstruction of Jerusalem under their throne

Seemingly most of us humans are from not monkeys but sheep and turtles processed via a clone

Still chilling and nailed on our seats to the bone

While the rest killing one another decreasing their own

We can unite, however if we are not intending to then expect to the garbage thrown

To control us they have divided the tribes to many crews

However Palestine is of an importance for us Muslims and not the two’s

And surely not for the khazars, ashkenazis or whomever they choose

When they are in full control

Our memories will stroll

Wishing we lived under the more merciful back in the days, Pharaoh the troll

The roots of evil is being established in Palestine

To save your homes your way forward must be divine

As the commencement of the snake to strap the world is rushing to rise in no time

What use would be for the future to whine?

The Jerusalemite


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