images (3)quote-all-war-is-based-on-deception-sun-tzu-188534.0egypt-knew-no-pharaohs-nor-israelites-new-cover-art-6-800x445

‘Ism’ the suffix seems to be made for zionism

                                                        If they only knew what is zionism.

Masters of deception and goebbelism.

The handlers of globalism.

Conquering the region physically on the account of a new Islamism.

Paving their path with blood and terrorism.

Moving now to Europe for reformation…

Via upcoming terror for the tumbling of their EU nation…

To ease control of the world from Jerusalem based on their kings affirmation…

Majority failed as minds were dimmed, eyes blinded via their pharaonic experimentation…

Still a hectic journey before our last destination…

Much mourning before the divine celebration..

The Jerusalemite


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